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The Inukshuk Store

 The Inukshuk Store is a designer of awards, gifts, and  unique art gallery pieces. Our mediums are glass, granite, slate, rocks and artistic paint. We have worked with limestone and marble on occasion as we are always open to trying new mediums. We hand craft all of the products we sell. That way we can better control quality, delivery and create that special custom designed piece that matches your needs, your logo or corporate identity. All decorating is created using Sandcarving more commonly known as sand blasting. Your artwork is carved deeply into the medium, then we can add a touch of colour to enhance the look of your pieces.  Our new line of coloured  awards are small works of art and are available in many colours.  These awards are unique and beautifully designed  We continue to work on new designs.  We are always open to custom designs and ideas please contact us for further information. Our Inukshuks are one of a kind and are of exceptional quality.  We have been perfecting them for 16 yrs.  We are a family run business and believe in customer service, and we stand by our products.  The Gallery pieces are by Rick and are featured Gibson Fine Art Gallery in downtown Calgary.